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Recent analysis shows that ¡­
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Recent analysis shows that the Chinese PV industry has shown a trend of rapid development, the output indicators way "soared", this year is expected to exceed 110 billion yuan.

At present, China's optical fiber and cable and the production of optoelectronic devices technical level has reached or is close to the international advanced level, China's optoelectronics industry to further participate in international competition has laid a good foundation.

Data show that China's optoelectronics industry sound development in recent years, with 20% annual growth rate, at present, the global market of 5%. Experts predict that by 2010, China will have 45 billion US dollars of output value, accounting for 10% of world market share. With the global demand for optoelectronic products continues to increase, and promising market, rapid technological development. Photoelectric display only for products on behalf of the foundation as an example, its application to products are low-cost, thin, high-resolution direction.
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